My Target

19 05 2011

My Target,dream and hope is to be an computer Engineer.It is very hard work in sri lanka but I must be an computer engineer.I think it is a very proud of my mother nation.


The Pop king had gone

9 10 2010

The Pop King M.J had gone I love Him. every day I listen his songs.

My Family Members

3 04 2010

My Family Members are my mother,father.grand mother,aunt, uncle,my relation brother and sister.they are very kindly to me.all of times my family say “read “.they love me and also i love grand mother cooks testy foods to me.she tell me nice mother go to work shop.also my father is a chef.he works in bakinhab palace hotel.but now he not work there. i wish next source they are my family members.

About My Best Friends

30 03 2010

My Best Friends Are darshana and mawantha.They are very kindly and they direct me to a good way.mawantha teach me how to make a web sites and other.darshana teach me maths lesson and others.I think i’m luckey to spend with them.i meet them in a computer lab.and the library.I love to them and I wish every day they are my best friends.

The Most Interesting Novel I Read

20 03 2010

Sherlock Holmes is back! is most interesting novel I have ever is very popular among the children of  Sri Lanka.the late author Sir.Author Conaldoil is the writer of this was published in the former decay but it is so popular even now.I got it as a present.There fore  I love to read it again and again.we can buy it for sri lankan  book shop.but this novel worth more.

when I get free time I like to read it.The episods are interesting.The main character is Sherlock Holmes is a best and best man.all of Sherlock Holmes stories are end happily.I think every school child of Sri Lanka,london must read this novel.

About me

18 03 2010

My Name is  Anupa Samadhi Munasinghe I’m 14 years old. My school is MR/Methodist  M.M.V (ISURU COLLAGE)  my mother name is Mrs. Latha Senanayaka.My father name is Mr.Anura Munasinghe.My family has  seven members.  I’m Member of  Hakmana Favourite drink is village is is very hope,ambition,target is to be an engineer.