My Target

19 05 2011

My Target,dream and hope is to be an computer Engineer.It is very hard work in sri lanka but I must be an computer engineer.I think it is a very proud of my mother nation.


The Pop king had gone

9 10 2010

The Pop King M.J had gone I love Him. every day I listen his songs.

My Computer Teacher

24 07 2010

My computer Sir is  Mr.kusal Ahalaarachchi he is very kind.he  always try to always teach something in ICT.he is different person. his website is see it. there is lots of things to website was made by him.i always listen to his advices and do its.

Our Librarian Teacher

8 05 2010

Our Librarian teacher is Mrs.Pathma Ranjani teacher.I’m very sad because she retired at 07th of may.she is very kind to us.she gives us lots of books and she say”read and make” now she spend a leisure life.I’ m happy of that thing.I love her every Day!

About me

18 03 2010

My Name is  Anupa Samadhi Munasinghe I’m 14 years old. My school is MR/Methodist  M.M.V (ISURU COLLAGE)  my mother name is Mrs. Latha Senanayaka.My father name is Mr.Anura Munasinghe.My family has  seven members.  I’m Member of  Hakmana Favourite drink is village is is very hope,ambition,target is to be an engineer.